Trouble Selling in Dallas? | Prepare Your House For An Immediate Sale

We Buy Houses Dallas

Trouble Selling in Dallas? | Prepare Your House For An Immediate Sale

So, you have plans of selling your house. Is it newly painted? Did you replace the broken tiles in the bathroom? Were you able to replace the loose hinges on the kitchen windows? If the answer is yes, then you might be wondering why you are having trouble selling your house.

In a graph presentation posted in, the houses sold in 2016 were 5.8 million which was higher compared to 5.6 million sold in 2015. Based on these numbers, more and more houses were sold and bought.

What else can you do to get it to sell?

5 Tips To Secure A Buyer

Aside from the seemingly mandatory beautification and quick fixes for your property, real estate experts have contributed several tips that are guaranteed to send buyers flocking to your lawn.

Stalk Real Estate Sites

We Buy Houses DallasYou should have seen in the movies how a boy would take photos of his long time crush, or watch over her as she walks home. When you stalk real estate websites or your realtor’s online market, devote as much dedication.

Spending time to research on what’s hot in the market, which type of houses are preferred by most buyers, what features buyers want to have, and the typical price range for your house type will give you better marketing ideas.

Promote Your Neighborhood

Finding a good neighborhood is one of the reasons families stay longer in a certain community. Flaunt the clean streets, the tall trees that cleans the air, the properly segregated garbage, the small park by the corner, and the well-kept peace and order in the community.

Show your buyers the advantage of owning your home, of belonging in a peaceful and clean community. Entice them with what they will miss out for not buying your property.

Bring It To Social Media

Social Media marketing has evolved to become a giant outlet for marketers in promoting their products. Get more exposure for your home by posting an ad on your social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter are a good place to start.

Social networking is a global web and the sharing power of media users could take your ad where traditional advertising could not reach. Trust in your friends to share the word and trust your friends to share it with their own circle.

Mention The Important Renovations Done

Why would you include the repairs done when it could scare away potential buyers? Well, we are talking about important renovations here. You can mention the replacement of the bathroom tiles or the new shower head. The upgraded window glass on the second floor or the professionally cleaned ventilation ducts or the new carpet in the living room.

These features might seem minimal and irrelevant but to home buyers, especially those who are tight on their budget, would want to take as much “freebie” as they can for their new home. Some just doesn’t have extra cash to spare, and some are moving due to job loss.

Take Away Your Personal Touch

Less is more. Removing as much as personal preference in your house interior  as you can, will give the house a more neutral touch. Keep everything minimal, lessen the bright colors, lessen the intricate designs that you love so much, lessen the ornaments scattered around the house.

Give it a lot of space, more room for people to move around. Make it look bigger by adding less furniture. A bigger space allows prospect buyers to picture themselves redecorating the house, it will give them a sense of connection, which means less trouble selling for you.

Learn other tips to prepare your house for a sale here.

The Alternative Route

And after you’ve done what you can and exerted effort and time in getting the house ready for new occupancy, there are buyers who just can’t see the value of your house. There are buyers who want something else or want something more than a house. Where will this factor leave you?

You can take the alternative route, the path where houses are bought right away. We, at Sell Any House, have been in the real estate business for years, hearing the “sell my house in Dallas” call from homeowners in need of a fast house sale.

Would you believe if we say no repair or beautification is needed? Yes! We buy houses As-Is! Meet one of our Rapid Real Estate Buyer to learn more!


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