Sell Home Fast in Dallas Needs Pros

Sell Any House Wants Outside Sales Reps

Sell Any House is a leading company in supplying straightforward, worry-free, and fast home selling procedures for property owners in need of a quick sale. With a large community area to cover and numerous homeowners needing the company’s service, an extra hand is greatly needed. Sell Any House will hire new Outside Sales Representatives in order to further develop better customer assistance.

Work Space

Outside Sales Reps has both office and field work. They establish meeting appointments after customers expresses interest in the company’s service and meet up with customers after an appointment is set.

Key Responsibilities

An Outside Sales Rep is accountable for checking locations, collect details in order to help develop possible customer checklist, enlighten possible customer regarding the procedure, convince brand-new customers to make use of the company service, and protect the business name.

Management Responsibilities

An Outside Sales Rep (OSP) drafts and make necessary changes on contracts, supervises the process all throughout to make sure the client is happy. Additionally, an OSP is expected to handle further client concern while the selling process is in progress and after the sale.

Work Benefits

This is a full-time employment. Above average compensation and commission is included in the benefits. More on employee package during orientation.

The Company

Sell Any House is an investing firm created to assist homeowners that are having problems with an undesirable home or property that they no longer want or need. The business uses useful techniques and practical solutions making house selling a satisfying and smooth experience.

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